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“What’s the plan after you graduate?” Though it was not the intention, I could tell the question stung a bit.

“I think I am going to take a gap year to figure out what exactly I want to do with the rest of my life,” the senior said without the least bit of confidence. Though his body didn’t move, his tone indicated he was waving the white flag for the next year of his life.

He is not alone. Gap years are becoming increasingly popular as college seniors graduate without a job lined up. Even more important, without a passion for any particular field of work.

Gail Reardon, who runs the gap year counseling firm Taking Off, describes this relatively new phenomenon: “A gap year is about what happens after school, how you make decisions, how you figure out who you are, where you want to go, and how you need to get there. It’s about the skill set you need to live your life.”

It’s about the skill set you need to live your life.

As a follower of Christ, there is a particular set of skills that are extremely helpful to have, wherever you end up in life. Among other things, we will walk alongside you and teach you: how to resolve conflict, how to engage in spiritual conversations, how to effectively communicate the gospel, and most importantly, how to make disciples.

The Bible is clear that whatever our occupation is, our purpose is the same. Love God. Love people. Make disciples. Whether you are sitting at a computer, working with your hands, or selling a product, as a Christian your ultimate purpose remains the same. Love God. Love others. Make disciples.

What better way to use your gap year (or maybe consider taking one for the first time) than to grow specifically in these three areas?

Let me stop at this point and make this clear. I believe full-time ministry needs to be a calling on your life from God. With that said, I believe a one-year internship with Athletes in Action is a wise path to consider—especially if you don’t have a clear and passionate answer to the “What’s next” question.

The curriculum for a one-year internship is intentionally structured to give you the skill set needed to be a change agent for Christ wherever He might have you for the long haul. You will be invested in by seasoned AIA staff who wrestle daily with what it looks like to grow in their love for God, their love for others, and making disciples.

You have your whole life ahead of you. Treat your future career the way the Bible teaches us to treat “our” money. Tithe a percentage off the top and give it to God. Would you tithe your career by giving the first year of it through an internship with us? Would you allow us the privilege to invest in you deeply and help prepare you to love God, love others, and make disciples for the rest of your life?

The clock is ticking. Applications are due by March 1st. Invest the next year of your life with us and give us the opportunity to invest in you. Email me directly ([email protected]) for more information or start the application today by clicking HERE

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