Biblical Responses to Sports Culture

How Athletes Can Make An Impact Off The Field

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I received a text from a friend (who works with athletes at the collegiate level) late last week suggesting a new topic for me to write on. The text read like this:

“How to do ministry at home…like how to ask your parents spiritual questions? How to share the gospel? Etc. Some of my students are struggling being home, recognizing their parents aren’t in the Word daily like they are, they aren’t showing fruit in their lives…but they don’t know how to talk to them about it. It’s so diff than doing ministry with a teammate.”

So, this is for the athlete back at home who wants to find ways to show the love of Jesus to their parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, or friends, but just needs some practical tips.

I get it. Sometimes being back at home feels like an away game. So I created an infographic offering a few practical tips across six categories to help move you forward while you’re all stuck home together. It’s not exhaustive, but it at least puts some clay on the wheel.

You can access it HERE. Enjoy.

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